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When acquiring a property, conducting due diligence is in your interests. Imagine paying $10m for an asset to discover you had missed something material to tenant retention in the lease, only to see the value reduce to $8m. However you may identify something that has value benefit and we’ll be only too happy to consider that opportunity, based on what we know and see in the market. We see advice as a two way street - if we don’t understand or are stuck on a matter, we will communicate with you to obtain clarification. It’s important to us at AIM that we produce relevant reports for our clients, and their stakeholders.

Why no two properties are the same

We think property rather than let computers do our thinking. In order to be up to date with trends we spend time in the market, seeing what is on the market, and inspecting and modelling properties that have sold. We call this smelling the roses. It allows us to question and better understand transactions. That enables the subtleties of a property to be detected, why one property may exhibit stronger growth than another. Why no two properties are the same. 

An impartial valuation can be of genuine benefit

Whilst the majority of transactions are representative of the prevailing market the balance are either good buying or ahead of the market. If selling a property, an impartial valuation can be of genuine benefit – providing a benchmark that you are happy to have exceeded, or a point for negotiation if pricing is below. AIM Valuation provide pre disposal valuations or advice and can remain available throughout a campaign as a sounding board. That allows you peace of mind.